What is Yateem-token

YATEEM Token is a cryptocurrency created in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that hit the market in August 2021, which allows for enormous potential growth in the near future.

YATEEM token was created and works in the BSC, which means that every transaction is registered in BSC Scan. BSC is also endorsed by BNB coin (the cryptocurrency of Binance) BNB is in the top 3 of importance as far as Market Cap is concerned, located only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

YATEEM has a specific purpose: Support and help orphans. Every transaction made using YATEEM, sends tokens to the charity wallet (which makes frequent donations to foundations who support orphans). One in nine people around the world goes to bed hungry every night. And unfortunately, hunger tends to impact the most vulnerable people on the planet. Some of the most vulnerable are orphans. Kids who have lost one or both parents to age, sickness or violence. Children whose futures depend on their strength and ability to learn and succeed without the support of their mothers and fathers that is why yateem is here for them.


Total supply Yateem Tokens.

Initial liquidity
locked for a year.


2% of each transaction will be redistributed to all holders, in proportion to the number of tokens they own.

Auto liquidity

2% of each transaction will contribute to the liquidity pool.

Ownership rights on
the contract are renounced.

 Charity / Marketing WALLET